Understand Pumper Trucks and Their Uses

Pumper trucks are normally used in pumping liquids into or out of a storage facility(tank). They are fitted with huge tanks which get filled with the liquid to be transported.

The most popular way to use a pumper truck is in fire fighting where the truck transports water to be used to put out fire.In fire fighting the pumper trucks provide adequate pumping capacity in case a hydrant is not available or reliable. The truck normally has several outlet nozzles where several hoses can be attached to.

Pumper trucks are also used in draining out septic tanks in rural homes or in concerts or construction sites where portable toilets are used. In this case the pumper is connected to a septic tank and then pumps out the septic slurry into its tank. The pumper truck then transports the waste to an appropriate facility for processing.

Pumper trucks are also used in transporting oil and LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) but this time extra precautionary measures have to be undertaken to ensure safety since oil products are highly flammable.

Chemicals or other materials like construction materials may also be transported by a pumper truck to designated areas. A good example are the the trucks normally seen leaving or entering huge construction sites especially in big cities. This trucks are filled with cement which they continually mix as they transport to avoid clogging of the slurries

These trucks are quite costly especially when they are ordered with all functionalities in place and for this reason they are exclusively manufactured by order and rarely stocked by the manufacturers.

For you to qualify as a pumper truck driver you will need to attend special training. Trucks are long and are classified in to a different category of vehicles hence a different drivers' license is issued to qualify one as a competent truck driver. The driver is also trained on how to operate the pumping systems and how to handle different slurries and any other load they will be transporting.

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Oil Field Trucks Make It Possible For You To Work In The Oil Fields

Oil field trucks can be very helpful when you are navigating a very sensitive area. You may want to look into the specs of an oil field truck if you are hoping to get hired in the state of North Dakota. You are also going to see these trucks used in a place like Central Trucks Sales. Central Trucks Sales is in Florida, and you may even see people using the trucks fairly close to the coast line, but doing so in an environmentally responsible way. A lot of the different trucks out there have steel disc wheels. Oil field trucks are an interesting investment.


The wheels are something that can make a big difference, but your driver also has to know what they are doing. The driver is working in a truck that could effectively be carrying millions of dollars. This means that the driver certainly needs to have a ton of skill. The skills that you can from a driving perspective may be able to help you, no matter what you happen to be driving.


The logistics of moving these trucks around is a little tougher than you may think, part of that may be due to the overall cost of the equipment. There are a number of logistical issues that can arise with the process of driving this equipment. You want to be able to drive this kind of equipment, this is why it makes sense to go here and study the trucks. The process of studying the trucks before you go out and drive them can solve a lot of different problems. Good growth in the marketplace within the Dakotas is going to make people some money. You have to be willing to admit your level of confidence when when you are driving. Go here in order to find a truck that will give you confidence when you are driving.

What To Look For When buying A Fuel And Lube Truck

Having some of the best fuel and lube trucks can mean a lot to your company as well as the economy of a place. This is because they play a major role in ensuring that your business is growing and developing. When it comes to having the newest models in your basement, you will realize that they have some of the best features that keep your customers satisfied throughout the year. In addition to this, ensure that you make the right choices depending on the need you want for your business.

Some of features that you will be required to look for in fuel and lube trucks are those trucks that have units for fuel grease, water, oil, anti-freeze so that your employees can be equipped and ready when various situations come. Read more about the trucks that you need since a prior knowledge is important when buying the best fuel and lube truck. You can also consider having the filtered caps that has guards as well as the spring mounted product tanks.

When you are making a purchase, choose the high quality fuel and lube trucks which will make the maintenance easy and fast. In the most cases, the best fuel trucks that a person can buy in the market today are the ones with at least a 1,000gallon fuel tank. Look for fuel and lube trucks that have a special tank isolator system since the fuel as well as lube can be a source of stress on the chassis of your own truck. This type of system functions in such a way it limits the twisting, flexing, vibration, and the flexing that the weight. If you are not versed well on the latest innovations, you can click here so that you can view some of the newest models.

These are some of the important information that one should look for in a fuel and lube truck so that they can make the best selection.

Uses of Vacuum Trucks

Running a vacuum truck service can be a lucrative business to begin since these vehicles perform a unique task that is applicable in many different settings. Before jumping into any new jobs, vacuum truck owners should understand the possible options of these vehicles so a proper assessment can be made of what is currently owned or consider buying additional units that are more suited to a particular task.

Wet, Dry – or Both

The main difference between vacuum trucks in relation to the jobs that can be done is with the vacuum system. These powerful suction pumps are available in various suctioning strengths that can handle anything from removing liquids and loose debris to bricks, stone and other heavier material. So the first decision that should be made when considering the purchase of one of these trucks, or determining an existing vehicle’s ability to accomplish a particular task, is the strength of the vacuum pumps.

Tank Type and Capacity

Standard vacuum trucks that are used in septic services and other residential and lighter industrial applications typically have tanks that can hold 1,000 gallons. Trucks used for long distance hauling or collection of other types of material may have larger tanks; as an example, some can hold up to 5,000 gallons or more. Tanks are constructed from a variety of different material including carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum, each of which is best used under different circumstances and different situations.

Truck Size and Capacity

Based on the size and weight of the tank when full and the work environment, there are a number of different types of truck chassis styles as well. Common septic trucks for residential and light industrial use customarily have a standard chassis and a dual rear axle; this enables the vehicles to be easily driven on public roads. Vehicles with larger tanks will have more weight when loaded and are frequently built on a chassis with a third axle to handle the extra weight when filled to capacity. Check this site to learn more.

Many times, this size vehicle is available in a tandem design as well for easier maneuverability when loaded. Vehicles built for heavier industrial work are usually manufactured on a more heavy-duty chassis that can withstand the rigors of a construction site.To know more about these trucks, click here.

Oil Field Trucks Maintenance

When maintaining your oil field trucks, proper maintenance over the years is going to extend their life span. With this said, how do you know where to go, who to take your trucks to, how often to go there, and other questions which are important to the maintenance of these vehicles? If you are interested in finding out how to properly care for oil filed trucks, how to maintain them, and how to extend the life span of these pricey trucks, you can click on this link to find out more. Not only will this provide you with a great resource as to how you should maintain them, but also where to take them locally as a business owner. You will find out which shops or local techs will service the trucks, what type of work they do, and how often you have to service them, to ensure the smoothest operation with your trucks.

Because you are investing in your business, you have to know how to care for the equipment you are using within the organization; the same goes with the oil field trucks you are using to operate the business. For the mindful business owner, and the ones who hope to extend the life of these trucks, proper maintenance is key as long as you own them and are using them on a regular basis for different functions within the business. When you are looking for the best local repair shops, or maintenance shops, you can visit this site to find links as to where you can go for proper maintenance. Not only to find the best local techs who know how to maintain and work on these trucks, but also offer the best rates for the service they will provide on the oil field trucks your business uses.

Used Bucket Trucks For Sale

Worried about moving your property or company products? Click here as we have a great deal for you. We stock a wide selection of used bucket trucks utilities for you. Feel free to click here and browse for your dream pick. They have been well refurbished, maintained and cleaned to offer you the most reliable performance ever. Our range of used bucket trucks is available at different prices and you are free to pick the one that matches with your budget. Go online and select your best option. We can freely tailor our services to match with your specific business and individual needs. We use the latest state of the art cutting edge technology to ensure that you have a smooth experience using your bucket truck.

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Where Can You Buy Knuckleboom Trucks?

Knuckleboom trucks are popular in areas with narrow roads and they offer various advantages based on the intended use. Central Truck Sales is one of the suppliers of Knuckleboom trucks serving specific areas in North America, South America, Central America, Caribbean, Africa and Asia. These trucks have a similar appearance with the standard crane except for the boom that bends at the middle part. They have a compact size which allows for increased payload as there is enough space and the boom is made of lighter material. The trucks re designed in a way that they can carry the maximum workload and still work in tight spaces. In addition they have a horizontal extension on all the sides allowing them to travel for long distances at a low height which makes them convenient even for long distances. These trucks can be used for different work including electricity line construction, transmission, distribution or maintenance among other uses. Click here www.knuckleboomtrucks.net to get more information.

The knuckleboom cranes can be easily controlled to ensure the work is made as easier as possible for the workers creating greater efficiencies. The loads can be directly placed on the rooftops, on the ground and the building floors depending on where they are needed. Central Truck Sales which is located in southern Florida sells the knuckle boom trucks at affordable price .The clients can get their best selection and all the services they need at the same time enjoy the unique purchasing adventure. Visit the website http//: knuckleboomtrucks.net and learn more about purchasing a truck at central truck sales. Central Truck Sales Inc. is the best shipping and logistic expert for your knuckleboom truck purchase. Your truck can be shipped from the company by air since the company is next to an airport, by land especially for domestic clients or by ocean when shipping is required overseas. Click here to get more on the shipping of the trucks.

What You Need to Know Before Buying a Dump Truck

Dump trucks are important vehicles when it comes to excavation and construction sites. This is because they enable the contractors to move huge amount of debris within a short time. In essence, it can be quite challenging to work in quarries, mines and major construction sites without dump trucks. In addition, these trucks come in handy especially during natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes and tsunamis. You can read here and find out more on the benefits of owning a dump truck for your company.

Purchasing a dump truck can be a long process. This is especially the case when the buyer is not sure what to consider during this period. However, with adequate information, it is quite easy to buy a dump truck for your company. You can visit this website and find out some of the important factors you need to put into consideration before purchasing a dump truck. In addition, you can click here and find out some of the companies that deal with dump trucks.

One of the most important factors you should consider when buying a dump truck is the truck safety. You can ascertain the levels of safety by working closely with the dealers and manufacturers of these trucks. In fact, it is your responsibility to ensure that you get dump trucks that adhere to safety regulations. You can visit this website and find out more on some of the critical safety regulations to put in mind when you are purchasing a dump truck. You can also click here and get informed on some of the challenges that come with owning a dump truck. In essence, owning a dump truck is an exciting investment. As such, you should take time to consider the necessary models of the available dump trucks before making a decision to settle on one.

An Interesting Look at Vacuum Trucks

If you need a substance removed via the use of a suction pump of some kind, it may be worth looking at used vacuum trucks. These are trucks especially designed to hold a storage container and a suction motor and can be used to pump anything from contaminated soil to residential housing septic tanks. Often, vacuum trucks will be classified and categorized based on their weight and capacity, as well as whether they are used to pump dry or wet materials.

It should be noted that if you need to pump liquids, you will need a different pump than one used to pump solid materials. The pumping trucks used in vacuum trucks usually have a diameter of 1 to 4 inches, though this will also depend on the specifics of a particular job.

A vacuum truck’s pump can be operated either by a dedicated motor or via a PTO or power take-off using the vehicle’s engine. Power take-offs normally consist of a splined drive shaft connected the vehicle’s drive train. Power can be cut from the wheels when the truck is stationary and directed instead into the take-off unit. With the drive shaft and take off in place, it can be used to power various tools and items, including the example featured in this article – a vacuum truck’s pump. A vacuum truck may use either hydraulics or a belt to drive the pump.

Although most vacuum trucks are purpose built for that primary function, vacuum units can also be attached and mounted onto a pick-up truck’s bed or a trailer. In this situation, it is not possible to use PTO to power the pump. Instead, a small gasoline engine is normally used to provide the pump with the necessary power. This setup is often known in the industry as a pony motor.

There is usually some sort of boom attached to the vacuum pump to enable it to actual pump the substance that needs to be removed. The boom is attached securely to the tube of the pump allowing easier maneuverability when it has to be positioned over materials that need to be removed.

Truck Driving Safety

Howdy and welcome to my blog!  I’ve been trucking since forever and love sharing what I’ve learned over the years.  I found a great video by Truck Driver Diary on YouTube about safety inspections before you even hit the road.  Check it out below! Also make sure to visit OSHA for other tips!  Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for more!